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Do you have a company and want to collaborate with us?

We love meeting new people who share our same work ethic. Contact us to find out how we can work together.


  • You can have access to a wide range of fine cashmere garments, handcrafted in our Tuscan laboratory: sweaters, sweaters, cardigans, stoles, scarves, hats, ...
  • We periodically update our collection and can provide infinite combinations of colors, models and sizes.
  • We promote sustainable fashion, also producing garments in high quality recycled cashmere.
  • Our weaving technique allows us to create "seamless" garments, to fully express the softness of cashmere.
  • Thanks to our artisan method, we can customize jerseys and accessories on request (private label).
  • True made in Italy: we work cashmere according to tradition, with careful control over the production and selection of raw materials.


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