This story was born among the colors of the yarns, the smell of fabric and the deafening noise of the looms of a historic company in Prato, in the beating heart of Tuscan craftsmanship.

Here Carlo and Fabio get to know each other, learn the beauty of a trade and cultivate their passion for knitwear. A wise art handed down from generation to generation. Mauro, Fabio's father, with a life spent in the shop behind him, is a master for them.

Every day there is a new thing to learn, a new plot to create.
Together, Carlo and Fabio work like a perfect fit.

For 20 years they work side by side, until one day all that poetry vanishes. The company suspends its activity.
The disappointment for Carlo and Fabio is enormous. The two friends take different paths, but they know that everything can't end like this. They break up with the promise to collaborate again soon and create something beautiful together .

In fact, a few years passed and the irrepressible desire to give life to a new productive reality, all of their own, rattled. This is how Nonsololana was born, a knitwear factory specializing in the production of fine cashmere garments.

Starting from scratch is not easy, but in an instant that perfect working harmony re-emerges.
Carlo and Fabio whirl like tops. There are only two of them who take care of everything: they make the garments, they go knocking on the customers' doors, they take care of the accounting.

But, slowly, the quality of their work is rewarded and the company puts it into the right gear. From two they turn into four, from four they turn into six.

And so a large family comes to life made up of genuine Pratesi artisans, raised on bread and looms, moved by the mastery of the "Tuscan know-how".

This family is the same one that still today creates Cashmere Island products.



is the creative of the company, he draws inspiration from what surrounds him and brings his inspiration back to the creation of models for sweaters and accessories. Thanks to his studies and the many years spent in the company, he is the expert in the selection of cashmere yarns.

Precious yarns, worked with care, which transform into a very soft fabric, under the watchful eyes and expert hands of Carlo.


gives shape to each garment, takes care of all the production steps. It ensures that the cashmere unleashes its characteristics to the fullest, under the beating rhythm of the yarn machines.
He checks the quality of each individual garment, right up to the moment of hand-stitching the label and packaging.

“This is a job that is done with the mind, with the hands, but above all with the heart. Because every time we give life to a cashmere sweater, we think of who will wear it and experience the sensation of a soft and enveloping hug on the skin.”

— Charles Chiti

The turning point towards the world of online sales comes with Camilla, Carlo's daughter.

During her university years, Camilla lends a hand in the company, as she used to do in the traditional families of craftsmen, and here she was able to learn the secrets of the trade.

After studying languages, she tried other jobs, but the world of cashmere called her back.
Her path is to be spokesperson for the Cashmere Island project.

Landing on the web is a constant emotion. A direct line is created with the people who wear what, here in the shop, has been created for them.

When you receive one of our packages at home, you must experience the same feeling you get when you unwrap a gift. You must feel pampered by the caress of our cashmere. You must be able to feel the roots of our land that intertwine with the texture of this noble fabric, which moves lightly in the breeze that caresses the Tuscan hills.

— Camilla Chiti

100% made in Tuscany: this is the secret that makes our garments special.

Every satisfied customer, who savors this poem, is the engine of our work.

“There is nothing more beautiful than knowing that a cashmere garment, which you made with your own hands, has made someone happy.”

Because behind a sweater, or a scarf, there is all our history that has lasted for more than 30 years. A story made up of tradition, artisan know-how and smiling faces kindled by passion.

This is why we like to think that whoever buys a Cashmere Island garment buys an emotion. The same we feel when we take care of you.
If you want to come and visit us in our laboratory in Prato, we will welcome you with open arms.

You can let yourself be overwhelmed by Fabio's enthusiasm in front of his design table.
You can meet Camilla and see with your own eyes the attention she dedicates to every single order.
You can meet the smiling face of Carlo who wanders, attentive, among the production departments.
You can exchange a few words with Mauro, who at his 92 years is still ready to give valuable advice, which we cannot do without.

You can discover the lives of women, men, artisans who make the magic of Cashmere Island garments possible every day.