Cashmere accessories

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A Cashmere Island garment is composed of:

cashmere, a fine and delicate fiber on the skin;
the care and love that characterize every phase of creation;
Italian craftsmanship.

A cashmere scarf: the best friend of every woman

It is not a simple accessory, but an ally for many women. A cashmere scarf protects you from the cold, revives a worn coat, and gives an elegant touch to the most basic outfits.

On our website you will find a choice of scarves and cashmere stoles available in many colors and customizable with your initiales. An excellent gift idea for you or your loved ones.

When to wear a cashmere shawl? Our creations are perfect to wear during all seasons. In winter you can wrap it around your neck to protect yourself from the wind, and wrap it over your shirt for a warm touch in case you’re chilly. On hot summer evenings a cashmere shawl can comfortably rest on your shoulders when there’s a slight breeze.

Our cashmere scarves are soft and fluffy, just the right length to be wrapped around your neck. Available in many colors, from beige to brown, from purple to pink and of course there’s a timeless black version. Create your own collection of shawls to match them with any kind of outfit.

From our factory to resting on your shoulders

Like all clothing items on our website, even our cashmere stoles and scarves are born in our laboratory where we weave cashmere yarn from our carefully selected and strictly Italian suppliers.

We have thought of classic and quality models, which adapt to the passing of the seasons and which never go out of fashion. All our garments are made to last and accompany those who buy it.