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A Cashmere Island garment is composed of:

cashmere, a fine and delicate fiber on the skin;
the care and love that characterize every phase of creation;
Italian craftsmanship.

Cashmere: a classic in the women’s wardrobe
Cashmere is a noble fiber, soft and delicate on the skin, from which we craft valuable clothing designed to dress a woman who loves to enhance her strengths while staying elegant.

We have put together a choice of cashmere sweaters for women, including various necklines and styles. Besides our fine and soft sweaters we also crafted a line of cashmere cardigans, open jackets and warm and comfortable scarves and stoles to top it all off. Cashmere Island’s collections are known to be minimalistic and clean, to create elegant, luxurious and above all timeless looks: Cashmere Island apparel is made to last!

A cashmere cardigan keeps you warm in winter and regulates summer heat: thanks to its thermoregulating properties, this material works well all year round.

A cashmere scarf is an accessory that enlivens your outfit and protects you from the cold in winter, but is also perfect on summer evenings, delicately resting on your shoulders.

Some of our garments are ready for delivery: you order them and after a few days they are in your hands. Others instead are created specifically for you and we start to sew them as soon as we receive your order, meaning they require a little more time to get to your home. To give a touch of uniqueness, you can request to embroider your initials or those of a person dear to you to give a piece of Cashmere Island as a personalized gift. 

How our women’s cashmere collection is born
Every cardigan, every scarf, every sweater in our e-Commerce is created by expert artisans who design the sketch and then translate it into fabric, in our laboratory in Prato. We select a cashmere yarn born from the goat duvet, the soft and precious hair that protects the animal from the cold, which we buy only from Italian certified suppliers.

From the yarn we carefully weave the cashmere wool to comfortably wrap around your skin once the product of choice arrives in an elegant box directly at your doorstep, all in just a few clicks. 

Our cashmere products are sensibly priced as we take care of all the processing phases without intermediaries: we shorten the steps, we cut the costs, but not the quality and craftsmanship.