If you are not satisfied with the purchased model, you can use your right of withdrawal within 14 working days from the delivery of the goods.

The product must not have been used, the identification hangtag and the original package must be intact. The return will be accepted only if it is sent in its original package.

If the package is irremediably damaged, it can be replaced by one of the same resistance and size.

After having received the returned goods and checked the accuracy of the return process, we will send a confirmation email.

As far as the credit card payment is concerned, the re-charge of the amount will be credited through bank transfer on the communicated bank account; the amount will include the total amount of the order with the deduction of the original shipping costs. The refund currency which will be considered is the one corresponding to 2 working days after the communication of the right of return. In the case of a PayPal payment, the refund is credited directly on the PayPal account. 

Delivery of the goods

Once the courier has delivered the goods, the Customer has to check:

  • that the number of the delivered packages corresponds to what is indicated in the delivery note;
  • that the package is intact, neither damaged, nor wet, or altered, even in the external package (adhesive tape or metal straps).


Possible damages or lacking correspondence of the packages’ number or of the indications have to be immediately communicated to the courier, writing the lettering “Reserve of goods check” on the delivery note, and to Cashmere Island Customer Service at [email protected]

Pay attention!

If the delivered goods are accepted without the necessary reserves, it will not be possible to complain about deficits or damages due to the transport later to Cashmere Island, but only to the courier.

Besides, we specify that the following lettering “Intact package accepted with reserve of check” will not be considered as valuable by the courier, who will not accept any complaints about damages. So, the check has to be done immediately with the courier.

Possible hidden anomalies (e.g. thefts or lacks) will have to be communicated in writing through a registered mail addressed to Cashmere Island within seven working days.

Every warning beyond the mentioned terms will not be considered. For every statement, the Customer takes his/her own responsibilities for what has been declared.


Possible complaints can be communicated to Cashmere Island at [email protected] or through a registered mail.

Every complaint has to be sent with all the data of who is sending it (name, surname, address, phone number and email address).