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Lancillotto - Cappellino a coste in Cashmere rigenerato

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  • Cappellino a coste all over
  • Taglia unica
  • Composizione: 95% cashmere 5% lana
  • Recycled cashmere
  • 2 fili di filato titolo 2/15
  • 80 gr di peso
  • Made in Italy

Regenerated cashmere: let's not waste, but give new life!

In a historical era in which taking care of the environment and reducing waste is a duty, we at Cashmere Island want to make a concrete contribution to sustainability and the protection of the planet. We obviously do it with our style, through artisanal fashion, with a line of sweaters and accessories in regenerated cashmere.

Our regenerated cashmere is post-consumer, i.e. it comes from the regeneration of pure cashmere garments that have been worn and given new life.
After the fraying process, a process that reduces waste into small pieces, a veil of fiber is obtained through carding. This veil is then twisted to be reinforced, until it is regenerated into a new yarn.

It is not magic, but a sophisticated re-engineering process which includes operations with a very low environmental impact, and which therefore guarantees a cut in waste and the necessary resources.

92% water

82% electricity

97% carbon dioxide