How to wash cashmere by hand

The easiest way to wash cashmere is to use good old elbow grease. Take a basin and fill it with a little warm water, in which you will melt some mild, delicate soap or a special detergent for wool and cashmere. Wash your items inside-out by immersing them in the water for a few minutes, massaging them gently, without twisting or rubbing the piece. Rinse it under running water until it becomes clear, then don't squeeze it! Just wrap it in a towel and leave it there until most of the absorbed water is gone.

An extra tip:

avoid leaving the garment in contact with the soap for too long because it could be damaged. And of course don’t wash two pieces of different colors together!

How to wash cashmere in the washing machine

Although we recommend doing it by hand, washing cashmere sweaters in the washing machine is possible!

First you should turn the garment inside-out, to then put it in a laundry net bag that is usually used to protect delicate clothes in the washing machine. Choose a specific program for wool or delicates that does not exceed 30 ° in temperature. Do not overdo it with detergent and always use a specific one for cashmere or wool.

An extra tip:

you can use the centrifuge to help eliminate excess water, but never more than 600 rpm.

How to dry cashmere

Always avoid hanging a wet cashmere garment because it could deform. Use the towel trick to absorb excess water: just cover it and roll it up inside. To complete drying, the best solution is to spread it on a flat surface, protected from direct sunlight. Also keep it away from heat sources such as radiators.

An extra tip:

you won’t have to deal with creases in your clothes if you lay them out with care when drying them. Do you still see some creases that you want to deal with? Turn your clothing item inside out, cover it with a cotton handkerchief and use a medium / low iron temperature to iron it. Do not use steam and let the piece cool down before folding it.

How to take care of cashmere

In addition to our washing tips, there are other tips we want to give you to maintain the quality of your brand-new cashmere product.

You received your cashmere sweater and you can't wait to show it off, we know! However, cashmere is a delicate material that does not like to be stressed! We therefore advise you not to wear it for more than one day in a row: if you wear it today, let it rest the next day in a place where the piece can breath (so not a closet). This is as the elastic fibers need to relax and recover their natural softness. After that, you can fold it up and put it in a drawer; avoid hanging it because it could get deformed.

Another important tip is to limit washing. Wear your cashmere garment for at least 5 or 6 times before washing it.

How to change the season?

Although cashmere is a fiber suitable to be worn even in the hottest months of the year, there are some cashmere scarves and sweaters that need to be stored in spring waiting for winter to come around. Wool, as we know, is very tempting for moths, so always remember to use the appropriate anti-moth sheets and to protect clothes with bags or boxes.

The much feared pilling

Many people fear that their favourite cashmere item starts to pill. However, you should know that pilling is not a defect, but a natural consequence that occurs when wearing the garment.

After the first few times you have worn your cashmere sweater, small dots will start to appear on the surface which are generated by the intertwining of shorter and freer fibers in the areas of rubbing (they are in fact more frequent in the underarm area).

Do not worry! In just a few washes, these dots will disappear and your cashmere sweater will be like new. To help you, you can also use special combs or velvet anti-pilling brushes to gently caress the head and remove excess hair. Never use regular scissors to try and “comb” your cashmere sweater as you will ruin it!